Wolfgang Manfred Epple was born 1956 in Waldkirch i. Breisgau, a small county in the Black  Forest, Southern
                                                                               Germany. He also spent his childhood in Bad Sachsa on the Harz mountains and in Dornum, East Friesland
                                                                               at the far north western part of Germany not far away from Leer where he now lives.
                                                                               After receiving his certificate of gradulation, he was working for over 20 years as a chemical technician before he
                                                                               decided to follow his passion and to work as a professional artist.
                                                                               In 1977, he began to paint. In 1978 he made a six months field study in Altea, Spain. In 1980, he made a three
                                                                               months study in the South Pacific following the spirit of Paul Gauguin. In 2004, he spent six months for studing at
                                                                               Epple's early works centered upon Impressionism being influenced by  van Gogh and Gauguin, but also
                                                                               Surrealism being inspired by Dali, Magritte  and others, until he created his first photo-based paintings and so he
                                                                               discovered magic-realism as his real way of expression.

                                                                               In 1984, he became member of "Professional Union of Artists Germany, (
BBK) and member of the "Confederation internationale des associations d'artistes", Brussels. In 2001, he began to work on fine prints on paper - drypoint, etchings, aquatints, etc, mostly inspired by Rembrandt and Goya.
Epple is considered as a "photo-realistical painter" whose "paintings are magic realism". Epple himself said that he "will never try to explain any of his works, because his works should speak for  themselves".
Heiko Jörn, a German expert in fine art and etchings, said  "Epple's works force inducement to engross oneself in daily life and suddenly he discovers a mysterious world".
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