Collecting Art

No two collectors are the same; each one has different aims, enthusiasms and passions.
ART56 offers a bespoke service, tailored specially around each individual client.

I initially spend time with  my clients, talking over their requirements. I try to gain the fullest possible understanding of her or his needs before
suggesting any work to buy. In a complex and international market-place, my primary task is to provide art collectors with authentical original
paintings and artists graphics (etchings).

Collecting original works directly from the artist's home studio and gallery is more reasonably priced as from commercial galleries. Above all,
collecting art should be a passionate and enjoyable experience. Accordingly, I want to offer both value or money and peace of mind.
Take it for granted that I offer 10% commission for all my collectors, even if you posess only one work of mine.

If you are interested in any aspect of collecting paintings and original artists graphics, please feel free to
contact me for an advice or to get
further informations  you may need.

Different Ways of Collecting Art

1.  You can buy any work at anytime per online.

2.  You can reserve a particular impression from original artists graphics (etchings)
e.g. the very first impression of all new etchings, or collect the
remarques which are real uniques,
or the very first
proof print.

                                                3.   Experiencely, most of the collectors start with collecting original artists graphics, and
                                                      almost everyone  has started with an order of 5 -10 impressions.
                                                      Collecting art works on paper allows entry into the world of fine art collecting at an
                                                      affordable level.

                                                4.   Some collect only specific motifs e. g. surrealistic or fairy tales etchings, some collect paintings
                                                      from a specific landscape and some just love flowers and animals of all kind.

                                                If you have any further questions or need more informations  please email me.

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